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Hidden Deck-Fasteners offers a unique approach to building a superior quality deck.

Sharkstooth was an initiative born by Kiwi engineer/entrepreneur, Paul Ashman. A year after building a deck around his new house, Paul was getting tripped up by nails that had popped out of his lifting deck boards. The problem was brought home to him when some children visiting, tripped up and tore their clothes and injured their legs while playing on the deck. Paul decided there must be a better way so set to work designing what we know today as the Sharkstooth Hidden Deck Fastener.

In 2016 MLC Group bought the company off Paul Ashman in order to develop it further and add its unique characteristics to its own range of brands. A commitment Paul made was that the manufacturing of the product would always be proudly New Zealand made, a commitment MLC Group believes in and will continue to adhere to. The fasteners are manufactured in Auckland New Zealand and are sold all over the world through retail outlets and right here through our online store.

''To learn more about MLC Group, visit our website at www.mlcgroup.co.nz, or our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/mlcgroupnz''.