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Get Your Deck Ready for Spring

They say spring is the season when we start to feel frisky, but your deck might not be as lively. Chances are, it has been neglected over winter but now that the weather is warming up and daylight hours are becoming longer, your run-down deck must perk up as it will soon be hosting you, … Continue reading “Get Your Deck Ready for Spring”

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Finishing touches that can make your deck

You have a deck…but do you have a deck you’re totally happy with? Does your heart sing at the mere thought of standing on your deck? Or does your head hurt at the nagging thought that your deck could be just that little bit better? There are many finishing touches you can add to your … Continue reading “Finishing touches that can make your deck”

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Why we love Sharkstooth deck fasteners – and why you should too

We’ve been bitten by Sharkstooth deck fasteners, and we love it! We think you should receive the same treatment, because Sharkstooth can take a great big bite out of your dangerous deck.   Yes, decks can be dangerous! Protruding nails and screws, rotting boards, and a slippery surface all add up to potential deck disaster. … Continue reading “Why we love Sharkstooth deck fasteners – and why you should too”

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