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Why you should build a deck

The best room in the house isn’t always in the house! A well designed and constructed deck can become a wonderful outdoor room, a place where your family and friends can spend hours on a summer’s day. There’s every reason for you to stop just thinking about a deck and actually start building one!   … Continue reading “Why you should build a deck”

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Creating a kids friendly back yard

Your back yard becomes the great outdoors if it lures the kids into the fresh air and away from their electronic gadgets. That WOULD be great! But once you get them out there, you need to ensure they’re safe and happy in a kids-friendly back yard. One way to get them outside, and keep them … Continue reading “Creating a kids friendly back yard”

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Beautiful Sharkstooth Deck Installation

Check out some pictures of a recent installation that utilised the Sharkstooth system to ensure a beautiful, flawless finish. The result was an astounding addition to this house’s outdoor area that will last for years to come. The owners were happy when we told them they didn’t need to worry about the timber popping or … Continue reading “Beautiful Sharkstooth Deck Installation”

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