Don’t let a rusty nail ruin your Christmas

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A rusty nail in the foot is probably very low on any Kiwi’s list of Christmas wishes. It’s highly unlikely anyone has ever sat on Santa’s knee and excitedly asked for a nail in the foot instead of a bike. Or a PlayStation. Or a cricket bat. But at this time of year, when barefoot is the footwear fashion of choice while you’re having fun on the deck, a rusty nail in the foot could well be what you get for Christmas, with a bonus dose of tetanus thrown in for New Year. Even worse, it could be what your kids get, and no one wants that. So, this Christmas, we reckon there’s only one thing you should be wishing for: Sharkstooth hidden deck fasteners!



We have never been shy about promoting the many great qualities of Sharkstooth hidden deck fasteners. We reckon they’re amazing things, as does everyone else who uses them to build a safer and more solid deck. Because they’re hidden, Sharkstooth deck fasteners create a flawless, smooth finish on your deck, so they add great aesthetic appeal. They bite into the side of the decking board so it cannot be forced up whereas standard decking nails can ‘pop up’ over time, releasing their hold on the board and creating a serious safety hazard especially for children.


Because Sharkstooth fasteners are fixed horizontally, there are no vertical holes for water to seep into the decking boards and joists. Sharkstooth fasteners create a space between the joists and decking boards, so air can circulate, and moisture doesn’t build up: rot is much less of a problem as a result. Plus, Sharkstooth hidden deck fasteners are designed to bite hard and never let go! The grip does not loosen as the years go by, even when timber shrinks or swells, or when natural movement occurs.  All the more reason to check them out.   


It really is the season to be jolly. A time of fun and togetherness. You should be pulling on Christmas crackers instead of pulling a rusty nail out of your foot…or the foot of a little one. So please, on behalf of all your barefoot guests, especially the kids, put Sharkstooth Hidden Deck Fasteners very, very high on your Christmas wish list!