Finishing touches that can make your deck

You have a deck…but do you have a deck you’re totally happy with? Does your heart sing at the mere thought of standing on your deck? Or does your head hurt at the nagging thought that your deck could be just that little bit better? There are many finishing touches you can add to your deck that will delight you, and here are just a few of them.


  • Build deck railings: deck railings can “tidy up” the appearance of a deck by adding clean lines and definition to the area. They can give the impression that the deck is more of an outdoor room rather than a random and open structure. Railings will also make the deck safer and will stop people falling off it…which happens quite often!


  • Install privacy screens: if you want your deck to be an outdoor room, you also want a degree of privacy while you and your family and friends are enjoying that room. Privacy screens not only stop people from prying into your personal space, but they also add a lot of aesthetic appeal in the same way railings do.


  • Add lighting: well-designed lighting brings so much to a deck. It adds atmosphere to your outdoor living area, and that goes beyond the confines of your deck. For example, that landscaping you’re so proud of can be shown off at all hours! And, of course, you can party on when the sun goes down, thanks to your great lighting design. For practical reasons, lighting is essential too. With the flick of a switch people can finally see where they’re walking on the deck, or on its steps and paved surrounds, while the barbecue chef can finally tell the difference between a burnt banger and a raw one. Lighting also increases security and is a strong deterrent so consider motion sensor lighting as well.



  • Stain your deck: a lot of decks stand out like a sore thumb. They don’t reflect the home and garden they’re meant to enhance. Instead, they clash because the colour is all wrong in its environment. A thoughtfully chosen stain can not only enhance the deck itself but can also make it appear a more natural addition to its environment.


  • Invest in quality furniture: good-looking seating, tables, and even a thing like a pergola, can add a real touch of class to your deck. When you use a deck as an entertainment area, you should treat your guests to a comfortable and stylish experience by adding good looking pieces to your outdoor space.


  • Add plants and planters: Greenery softens the appearance of your deck and brings the feel of a tranquil garden to the space. Plants don’t have to be of the flowering variety; herbs can add a fragrant and distinctive touch to your deck, and come in handy when your barbecuing. Planters can be pieces of art in their own right, or reflect the décor of your deck.


BUILDPRO can help you with lots of the things you need to make finishing touches to your deck, including Sharkstooth deck fasteners which remove the need for ugly nails and screws on your decking boards. Yep, when it comes to finishing touches you should start from floor level!