Get Your Deck Ready for Spring

They say spring is the season when we start to feel frisky, but your deck might not be as lively. Chances are, it has been neglected over winter but now that the weather is warming up and daylight hours are becoming longer, your run-down deck must perk up as it will soon be hosting you, your family, and your friends over summer. It’s time to give your deck a new lease on life with these spring maintenance tips.


Cold and rainy weather can have a negative effect on the timber, so check for loose and rotting boards and joists, and for decking nails that might have popped up above the surface. A good way to avoid this in future is to use Sharkstooth hidden deck fasteners which prevent moisture build up and reduces the chances of rot setting in. Plus, as they replace nails and will always stay below the surface, the risk of stepping on a sharp and rusty nail is removed.


 After the check-up, the cleaning begins. Sweep and clear your deck of debris and leaves, and remove dirt and grime from the deck boards; use a specially formulated deck wash for best results. Your deck will be look much better after these simple steps, but there’s even more you can do.


UV rays from the sun can dry out a deck, which can cause ugly and potentially dangerous cracks. Putting a new stain or sealer on the deck will protect the wood and enhance its cosmetic appeal. Most wood finishes and stains should be applied every one to three years, which means ongoing protection and good looks. Check the manufacturer’s instructions and try to follow them. If it’s been a while since you’ve stained or painted your deck, you’ll probably be surprised at the new colour options available to you since you last bought a can to do the job. You can now choose a colour to match or contrast with the deck’s surrounds, making the whole area look incredible.


Now that your deck is checked, cleaned, and coated in a new stain or paint, it’s time to give it the upgrade it deserves! As you’ll see in this blog, your upgrade can be a multi-faceted affair involving privacy screens, trellis, railings, and lighting. Put them together and the results will transform the entire deck.


Finally, it’s time to move your outdoor furniture out of storage and onto your revitalised deck. And then, move yourself from a standing position to a sitting posture – or even completely horizontal – on top of that furniture. Survey what you’ve done and you’ll be thrilled you took the time to give your deck some new spring-like energy.