Sharkstooth is a simple, effective and long lasting hidden deck fastener for decking boards and decking-planks.




Sharkstooth hidden deck fasteners are supplied with full installation instructions. In this demonstration animation, you can see the Sharkstooth installation into softwoods in 4 easy steps. Hardwoods require an extra step to reduce the likelihood of the boards splitting, more information below and in the video “Installing hardwoods”:

Take time to ensure that the first decking board which is normally against a house or wall, is straight and parallel. The edge next to the wall should be fixed with a countersunk screw and the hole filled with a timber plug.

In most cases no pre-drilling of the boards or the joists is required for installation of Sharkstooth. Sharkstooth is driven into the exposed side of the decking board using the special tool provided. Once this is done, fix the newly installed Sharkstooth to the side of the joist with the stainless steel nail supplied. Work your way along the length of the board securing a Sharkstooth to each joist.

The second board is then placed next to the now straight and firmly fixed first board. Using a wooden block (to protect the decking board) and heavy hammer drive the board onto the exposed teeth. Work your way along the second board until it lies parallel to the first.

Install the next row of Sharkstooth on the exposed edge of the second board, this time on the opposite side of the joist to the previous Sharkstooth. Work your way across each the deck repeating steps 2 to 4.

  • Treat the outside edge of the last board in the same manner as the first board ie. fix using a countersunk screw and plug the hole to complete.
  • Installation of warped planks is easy – the plank is straightened out and left undamaged as it is installed. See the full instructions supplied with each pack of Sharkstooth.
  • Avoid driving the Sharkstooth into knots in the timber.
  • Ensure the timber you use has been properly seasoned and dried.

When installing onto a steel joist use a self-drilling fastener instead of the stainless nail.

When installing onto a steel joist use a self-drilling fastener instead of the stainless nail..



To achieve the very best results and reduce the likelihood of splitting when using hardwood decking, we recommend the use of a router with a 1.5mm slot cutter. Set the router height so that a slot is cut at the point where the Sharkstooth will penetrate the side of the decking board.

Cut the slot to a depth of approximately 4mm.The bottom of the slot cut should be 10mm up from the base of the decking board.

The length of the slot required is approximately 30 – 40mm. Cut a slot at each point where the Sharkstooth will be installed.