Light It Up! Use outdoor lighting for your deck

It’s a lovely, balmy evening, and you’re enjoying quality time on your deck with family and friends. Why curtail that enjoyment simply because you have to retreat indoors when it gets dark? Outdoor lighting means the party can continue when the sun goes down, yet many people don’t even consider it when building their deck. Don’t be one of those people. Light it up! As well as being able to enjoy more time in your magical outdoor entertainment area, you’ll also enjoy these benefits.


Make it bright, not burnt – Many a sausage has been burnt and many a steak has been turned into overcooked leather simply because the cook hasn’t been able to see what is happening on the barbecue. Good lighting will make it easier to see what’s sizzling on the barbie, and your guests will also be able to see what they’re eating. 



Lighting adds atmosphere – You’ve all heard of mood lighting. Why not set the mood on your deck with well-designed and cleverly placed lighting? It adds atmosphere to your outdoor living area, which can be reflected in other parts of your yard and garden as well. You can be bold with colour, or understated with natural lighting, or a bit of both, depending at what stage the party is at!



Lighting lets your landscaping shine – Great outdoor lighting can highlight the landscaping around your deck; by doing this your landscaping remains a feature at night as well as during the day. You’ve probably invested good amounts of cash and time in your yard, so make sure you get your money’s worth by being able to show it off at all hours!



Shine a light on safety – For all the beautiful reasons there are for installing lighting around your deck, there’s a strong practical consideration as well. Safety is just one of them. Light up your deck and its surrounds and people can see where they’re walking, whether its on the deck or up and down any stairs on the structures. Paths and paved areas around the deck can also be lit up and made safer as a result.



Lighting increases security – Not every person coming onto your property is an invited guest. Intruders might seek to take advantage of the cover of darkness and gain access to your home. Good outdoor lighting can be an effective deterrent so you might want to consider adding motion sensor lighting to do its job once your party is over and everyone has gone to bed.



It really is surprising that many people don’t consider outdoor lighting when building their deck or improving their current one. There are so many reasons for making it part of the overall design – practicality, safety and security being chief amongst them. And then there’s the party aspect. In this day and age when outdoor entertaining is so in vogue, it makes sense to be able to maximise the fun and take advantage of warm, balmy evenings by throwing a little light on your social situation. Why take the party indoors if you don’t have to? Once again, we urge you to light it up!

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash