Why we love Sharkstooth deck fasteners – and why you should too

We’ve been bitten by Sharkstooth deck fasteners, and we love it! We think you should receive the same treatment, because Sharkstooth can take a great big bite out of your dangerous deck.


Yes, decks can be dangerous! Protruding nails and screws, rotting boards, and a slippery surface all add up to potential deck disaster. That is always a possibility when you use traditional fastenings on your deck. There’s nothing traditional about Sharkstooth. It’s the new, nail-free way of fastening a deck together, and it adds safety and stability to what should be an area of fun and relaxation. Here’s why we love Sharkstooth – and why you should love it too.


Hidden fasteners for a beautiful deck – Sharkstooth deck fasteners are hidden from sight, so all you see on the deck is timber and nothing but timber. No more ugly nails or screws to detract from the overall picture.


No nails, no cry – Over time, traditional deck nails will pop up from the deck. This will obviously loosen the boards and present a real safety hazard for youngsters. These potential problems are NEVER problems with Sharkstooth as they bite into the side of the decking board and won’t pop up.


What rot? – Because Sharkstooth fasteners are fixed horizontally, there are no vertical holes for water to seep into the decking boards and joists. Because Sharkstooth creates a space between the joists and decking boards, air can circulate, moisture doesn’t build up, and rot is much less of a problem as a result.


One long, strong bite – Sharkstooth deck fasteners are designed to bite hard and never let go! The grip does not loosen as the years go by, even when timber shrinks or swells, or when natural movement occurs.     


No rust or reaction – made from 304 Stainless Steel, Sharkstooth deck fasteners won’t rust and weaken, and unlike some galvanised fastenings, they won’t react adversely with treated timbers. This is great news if you live in any area, particularly on the coast where salt-laden air and moisture can play havoc with traditional decks and the products that fasten them.


Putting the bite into timber AND steel – Sharkstooth deck fasteners bite into all sorts of timber, virtually everything from hardwood to pine decking, be it kiln-dried or pressure treated. What’s more, Sharkstooth can also be used in typical steel-decking joists, which usually consists of roll formed C-section.


It should be obvious by now why we love Sharkstooth. As far as deck fastenings go, there’s nothing else that offers so many benefits. And, the really good thing is that Sharkstooth does all this good work while remaining hidden from sight. Not only does it enhance safety, it maximises appearances. There’s not a nail or a screw in the world that can do that!