Why you should build a deck

The best room in the house isn’t always in the house! A well designed and constructed deck can become a wonderful outdoor room, a place where your family and friends can spend hours on a summer’s day. There’s every reason for you to stop just thinking about a deck and actually start building one!


A deck adds value

Any real estate agent or financial expert will tell you that a deck adds serious value to your home, with that value increasing even more if the deck leads directly from an indoor entertaining area. Oh yes, indoor/outdoor flow is still a thing! As far as investments in your home go, a deck is one of the smarter ones, with Westpac suggesting that a low-profile timber deck costing between $5,000 to $15,000 can add a whopping 30% value to a home. That is not a misprint!


A deck adds liveable space

Think of a deck as another room. When you have that sort of mindset, you’ll see a deck as a liveable space, not just a structure stuck onto the exterior of your home. A space where you can relax, cook, work, entertain or just escape from the madding crowds indoors. Furthermore, by adding liveable space to your property, you’re adding value.


A deck is great for entertaining

Outdoor entertaining has never been more popular. Look at the outdoor settings currently on the market and you’ll see they’re serious pieces of furniture for dining and relaxing, not just odds and ends brought out from the garden shed. And it seems that grand “outdoor ovens” are replacing humble barbecues when it comes to al fresco cooking. These things all reflect the growing trend of socialising in the sun, so it stands to reason that a new deck will become a very popular place for your friends and family to congregate. 


A deck adds aesthetic appeal to your yard

A great deck looks good on it own, and it also enhances the outdoor area it is built in. It could be the finishing touch that transforms the entire yard. The best way to achieve this is to consider your deck in context with its surroundings. Don’t focus solely on the aesthetics of the deck during the design process – there needs to be thought given to how it will look in relation to its environment. It should be a seamless flow from deck to yard, in the same way there should be a flow from indoor entertainment area to outdoor entertainment area. Get the design right and the reward is a yard that goes from “meh” to “marvellous”.


You really can’t go wrong with a deck. It adds so much to your home, from value to aesthetic appeal. Whether you have an eye to the market, or simply want to maximise the enjoyment you get from the space outside your home, there’s every reason in the world for you to build a deck.