Your dream pool deserves a dream deck

You’ll be spending a lot of time around your pool this summer, and so will your family and friends – so make sure it’s a space worth showing off! People spend more time sitting beside the pool than they do IN the pool, so it’s worth your while making your poolside deck a dream one!


While the way it looks is obviously very important, safety has to be a major priority for you as well. Slip-resistant decking material, or a treatment that makes a deck less slippery, is an essential part of the overall plan. The decking material shouldn’t be bumpy, or uneven, but it SHOULD be heat-reflective so it stays cool. With bare feet being the footwear of choice for most poolside visitors, this is a biggie! So too is the choice of deck fasteners. Screws and nails don’t play nicely where bare feet are concerned, so we recommend Sharkstooth hidden deck fasteners – they’re much safer.


The decking material should blend in well with the landscaping and colours of your yard to create a seamless flow. Fences and barriers should also incorporate themselves nicely into the poolside look you want to achieve, so see how your preferred decking material will match up against these essential safety features.


Now that you have thought about safety, it is time to think about how your deck might look. There are many materials to choose from, including concrete which is a low-maintenance and stable surface, and with a range of finishes now available, it can look much more appealing than just a slab. A textured finish, or brushing the concrete, will also make it a more slip resistant surface, especially when you add aggregate to the mix.


Pavers are a budget-friendly choice, and very easy to replace if one is damaged. Different colours can soften the “industrial” look you often get when using pavers of the same shade – although this can be a desired effect when your home and surrounding landscaping is more modern. A permanent border is required to reduce shifting and keep the pavers in place, which adds to the time required to build your deck.  


Composite decking material, made from recycled timber and plastic, is a popular choice as it can last for a long time, thanks to its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. While its lifespan can be a long one, this can be compromised if you choose composite material of an inferior brand. Always go for the best you can afford!


BUILDPRO loves timber. It’s at the heart of our business, and we think it looks great wherever you use it. Timber poolside decks allow for a wide range of design options, thanks to all the patterns, finishes, stains and colours available to you. As a bonus, a timber deck is much more likely to blend in with the surrounding plants and trees that make up your landscaping. It will stay cool too…we can’t stress how important that is! Timber in a waterside setting will need to be maintained seasonally, but new treatments can lessen the workload. 


Remember…. people spend more time beside the water than in it. Whatever you choose as a decking material, choose enough to create a spacious and comfortable poolside area.  Ok, enough from us. Summer is nearly here and your pool deck needs to be ready in time…so dive in and get it started!